Making complete row of data table clickable (Drilldown)

I have created a dashboard drilldown from Data table in Kibana which allows the user to drilldown using a specific column value (column 3, Batch ID) as it can be seen in the following snapshot:

As it happens with these drilldowns, if user goes to drilldown by selecting value of any other column, the wrong filter (w.r.t. Total Packs or Batch Time) is added to the drilled down dashboard.
Is there a way to apply the same filter by value (Filter by Batch ID) in the whole row? Which means, only allowing column 3 for drilldown?

Hi @usman1,
what version of Kibana are you using? In version 7.12 you can choose 'a click on a table row' as one of the options for your drilldown.

Here is documentation fragment coming from URL templating | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic
for how to use the values:

Hi @Marta_Bondyra,

Thanks for the response. Is this functionality a part of paid version of Kibana or is it available in the free version as well?

Ahh, I forgot to mention - unfortunately, it's a part of a paid licence.

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