Drilldown without filtering possible?

We're on Kibana 7.16.3

I have a dashboard with a panel that has a drilldown set up, to go to another dashboard. The panel is a table with two columns.

When I hover the cursor over a cell to get the little blue icon (rightmost side) to appear, then click on the icon, I get a little popup menu that gives me only 2 choices: Filter For Value, and Filter Out Value.

I don't want either choice. I want the user to be able to drilldown to the other dashboard without any filtering at all, because the other dashboard is populated from a filebeat-* index pattern, while the first dashboard is populated from a heartbeat-* index pattern.

How do I accomplish this?

I tried deleting all drilldowns, and creating a new drilldown with "Use filters and query from origin dashboard" and "Use date range from origin dashboard" both disabled. I am still forced to select Filter For Value or Filter Out before I can do the drilldown.

you can configure a URL drilldown and click the "+" to get at it from a table. However, we do acknowledge this is not an obvious user experience and have plans to improve it in the tables [Lens] Allow cell contents to be clickable when drilldowns are enabled · Issue #102115 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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