Kibana 7.10 Dashboard Drilldown - filter on fewer values in destination dashbaord)

I've been playing with the new Create Drilldown feature available in Kibana 7.10 dashboards.

On the parent dashboard I have a stacked horizontal bar chart:

  • The y-axis (i.e. bar label) is a "Site Name"
  • The x-axis (i.e. bar length is count of documents)
  • The bars are split by a "Reason Code" (two values).

I've got the drill down configured and working BUT when I select the drill down from a bar on the parent chart it takes me to the new dashboard automatically filtered by both "Site Name" and "Reason Code".

I would like to drill down with ONLY the "Site Name" filter selected. Is this possible?

Hi @AndyH,
Welcome to the community and thank you for trying our new drilldowns feature!

Unfortunately it is not possible to pass only a single filter in your case :frowning:
If you think ability to more granularly control applied filters would be valuable for you, could you please create a feature request. We will see how we can improve.

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I think it could be possible to workaround (hack) the behavior you are looking for using URL drilldown. I didn't try myself, but maybe you could extract a single data point from event and use it to build a filter in destination dashboard URL.

Hi @dosant
Thanks for the confirmation this level of granularity is not supported.

Thanks also for the URL drilldown suggestion. I have experimented with this and CAN achieve the single filter behaviour I need using that, albeit a somewhat less streamlined solution.

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