Drill down graph by clicking on a part of the graph

Hi all,

I want to create a drill down graph like, if I have a horizontal bar graph and if I click on any of the bar a new graph should be drilled out with the data related to that bar only. Is it possible to do so?

Any help?

New function in Kibana 7.8.

Add the graph to your dashboard as a horizontal bar chart visualization (don't use Lens), then in the dash board panel select 'Create Drilldown' from the settings cog. You can pick the dashboard it take you to and whether or not to copy filters and time range.

Note that split series or charts can result in you getting two filters - one for the split and a second one for the data element. A bar representing sales in Australia made of seven segments (1 for each state) will give you filters for both Country and State when drilled down. There doesn't seem to be a way of getting just a Country filter.

Hi @mykael Thanks for the quick response. I have added the visualization in the dashboard but I am unable to find where is the settings cog?

Top right of the panel for the visualization on the dashboard.


@mykael Thank you
Actually I was using 7.7.1 version mybad. Will update and use this new feature.

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