Kibana drill down issue on bar charts after upgrading to 7.6


We recently upgraded Kibana from 7.5 to 7.6. After the upgrade, I see a filtering or "drill down" issue on bar charts that are using terms aggregation in pre-existing dashboards.

If I try to filter or drill down by clicking on a value on a bar chart, the URL changes, the top menu (under the search bar) says the filter is applied, however, the filter gets applied only to some visualizations (such as TSVB Graph/Top N, and Map) and nothing changes on any of the Horizontal/Vertical bar charts. Currently the only way around this issue is to re-build the dashboard from scratch (Cloning does not fix the issue).

Unfortunately I can't share screenshots due to data confidentiality, and I cannot reproduce as I am no longer on 7.5. But here are the steps to reproduce:

1- Ensure you are on 7.5
2- Build a bunch of visualizations including H/V Bar charts, Metric, TSVB, etc.
3- Split the data on the bar charts using the terms aggregation
4- Ensure you can filter/drill down by clicking on one of the term values and ensure this will modify all of the visualizations in the dashboard accordingly
5- Upgrade to Kibana 7.6
6- Repeat step 4 on the pre-existing dashboard. According to my finding, the filter will be applied to all visualization types except for the Bar charts. Bar charts will remain as if no filter was applied to the dashboard.


UPDATE: I think I have narrowed this down a little bit... Basically if my dashboard (in 7.6) contains a multi-layered map from the maps application, I see the issue as described above.

If I remove the map from my dashboard, everything inside the dashboard gets filtered accordingly when drilling down. Any thoughts?

UPDATE2: Further narrowed down the issue to be the following:

Trying to drill down using H/V bar charts AND when you have a "series split" in the chart AND when there is a map in the dashboard.

so for now the limitation is: if there's a map, can't have a Split Series Terms aggregation on Bar charts and filter using their values

Anyone has any thoughts on this issue? It seems to be a clear bug in 7.6.1 (Not sure if it's fixed in 7.6.2?)

Let me know if it is not clear how to reproduce.

Hi @tshayan,

this is indeed strange behavior. Are there any failed requests or console errors in the dev tools when you are trying to click a bar?

Hi @flash123... Thanks for your reply. I don't see any errors but I'll see if I can reproduce this using Kibana's sample data and send screenshots.

Hi @flash1293

I have been able to reproduce the issues using Kibana's Sample Flight data. Here are the steps and screenshots to reproduce:

1- Sign in to the "[Flights] Global Flight Dashboard"
2- Choose to edit the Vertical Bar visualization called "[Flights] Delay Buckets"
3- Edit the visualization to add a Split Series Terms aggregation using the Carriers field as marked below:

4- Save the visualization and go back to the dashboard
5- Click on one of the values in the saved visualizations. You will get a pop-up similar to below to select filter options:

6- Click apply to select both filters.
7- You will see that the filters will show at the top of the page, however, it will only be applied to only some of the visualizations (such as graphs). Other visualizations such as bar charts and heat map, as well as the visualization that you clicked on remain unchanged as you can in the image below:

8- Clear all the applied filters from the top of the dashboard
9- Delete the maps application called "[Flights] Origin and Destination Flight Time" from the dashboard
10- Repeat steps 5 and 6 to click on the visualization that was modified and apply the filters.
11- You should now see that the filters will get applied to all visualizations including the one you clicked on:

12- If you add the map back into the dashboard you will have the issue again.

So that's pretty much it. Hope this helps track down the issue. Thanks in advance.

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Wow, thanks a lot for this @tshayan, this is super helpful.

I will investigate and report back here, but it looks a lot like a bug we have to fix in Kibana.

I tested this exact case and couldn't reproduce the problem - even with a maps vis on the same dashboard, everything filters fine for me.

What OS/Browser are you using?

We are using dockerized version of Kibana version 7.6.1 on Centos 7. I am using a chrome browser to connect to it. We did not see this issue when we were on 7.5.1 previously.

We are planning to upgrade to 7.6.2 fairly soon to see if it will make a difference.

Alright, let me know how it goes! Other things that could be related: Is anything configured in the advanced settings (e.g. using session storage for state handling)? Is Kibana running behind a proxy?

Hi @flash1293 ,

We have upgraded to 7.6.2, however the issue still exist. Here are a few additional notes and things we have tried:

  • Built a new ELK environment not running behind a proxy and using only Kibana's sample flight data. Everything worked on 7.5.1, however we hit the issue after upgrading to 7.6.

  • Built a new ELK environment directly with the 7.6.1 image (no upgrades involve). The issue still exists.

  • Note that we have only been running docker images, so it probably would be best if you could test this in a dockerized environment and see if you can reproduce.

  • The Map that causes the issue would be the Map's application (labeled "Origin and Destination Flight Time" in the sample flight dashboard). The regular regional/coordinate maps do not cause the issue.

  • As long as there exists a Maps application in the dashboard, the issue is not specific to bar charts. It also happens if you click to filter data using heat map visualizations. You can try this with the "Origin Country vs. Destination Country" heat map visualization without modifying it and should see the problem.


I tried this exact scenario and I still can't reproduce the issue. What OS is running on your local computer?

That is very strange... My local computer is a PC running on Windows 10.

I asked one of my colleagues who runs his local computer on Fedora to try, and he encountered the same issue. This was tried on another instance of Kibana 7.6.2 (this time standalone).

As a workaround, we have been using the Kibana "Refresh" button to update the view and apply the filters when the issue is encountered.

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