Drilldown option not showing

Hi I still new to elasticsearch. I am trying to fix my dashboard. Every time someone click on one of the visualization it will zoom in but the other visualizations will change to not data.

I started reading about drilldowns to see if maybe there is something I need to disable but I have a platinum license and not drilldown option.

I tried to follow this and that is when I noticed I dont have that option.

Is there something I need to do to make drilldowns available? Or what can be causing my dashboard problem?. Thanks in advance

What version of elastic / kibana are you on?

What kind of Visualization are you trying to Drill Down on?

Did you go into edit mode? Can you show us The Visualization where Drill Down is not Available?

We are running 7.17.6 and we are using the metric type.

We went to edit mode in the dashboard. Then we clicked on the gear above visualization and got this.

That is your Issue

Metric is a legacy Aggregation Based Viz.

Per the Docs here Drill Down Supports

  • Lens
  • Maps
  • TSVB
  • Vega
  • Aggregation-based area chart, data table, heat map, horitizontal bar chart, line chart, pie chart, tag cloud, and vertical bar chart
  • Timelion

Perhaps you could use the Lens Metric instead?

Interesting, we exported the dashboard from version 6 to version 7. We saw them working fine until we noticed that if someone click on one of our visualization the other ones in the same dashboard go "no data".

Is there away to keep the same kind of visualization (metrics) but stopping the "no data" from happening?

Apologies I am lost... I am not sure what that has to do with Drill Downs...

I am not sure what behavior you are experience ... perhaps when you click you are applying a filter.
I am unclear of the Source Data or What Metrics you are Visualizing self built or OOTB
This is the first you mentioned Migrating from 6 to 7 which had major changes....
You may need to manually fix some of the dashboard / visualization.

I think you should open a new thread With a New Subject with all the details of this issue including data sources, Screen shots of the issues etc.

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