Kibana drilldown on lens metrics doesn't work

I am trying to add a dashboard drill for a lens metrics. It let's me add the dashboard link but the visualization is not clickable. I am using Kibana 8.10 version. Could someone tell me if I am missing some setting or this is a bug. I found some more discussion on this but they are closed the issue has been fixed. May be its re-introduced.

Tested on 8.10.4 with the eCommerce sample dataset, I could create a drilldown and link to another dashboard carrying over the filters as expected.

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Can you share a set of reproducible steps?

Sorry, I should have provided the steps to reproduce in my initial description.
It works fine if you create have some aggregations on visualization but if you have a simple metric visualization where there is no filter to apply, it doesn't display the dashboard url option to click.
Steps to reproduce are as follows:

  1. Create a metric visualization -> set metric aggregation as Count
  2. Create a drilldown and add a dashboard to navigate.
  3. Save and switch to view mode -> hover on the visualization

Expected output : It should allow you to click on it and give you the option to navigate to the dashboard you setup under drilldown.
Actual result: The metric is not clickable.

The same issue is reproducible on Vega visualization as well. Just create a simple vega visualization and try the same steps.

Ah, now that makes more sense, thanks. I could reproduce in 8.11.3.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a regression, and I've reopened this issue to ping the team.

Feel free to chime in there if you want to provide any further feedback.

.... and my colleague gave the correct answer and closed the issue again :sweat_smile:

Just do a count for a specific field so the drilldown knows which field should filter.

That could be good workaround to count a field instead but actually I am having trouble with 2 types of visualizations: a lens metric where I am using percentile and a Vega visualization.
This workaround won't work there.
I just commented in the ticket. The navigate to a dashboard should work even if there is no filter.

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