Drill down with Kibana 7.11.0


I'm trying to implement a drill down from one visualization to another dashboard. I have create a TSVB Metric visualization and added another dashboard as a drill down dashboard.

I can see that my parent visualization shows that it has one drill-down, however, when I click on three dots on the top right corner of the visualization, I don't see an option to go to the child dashboard /drill-down dashboard.

My Parent visulization

Available options in parent visulization

If I have understood correctly, I should be able to see an option to goto the child dashboard in my second image.

Am I doing anything wrong here or is it not available in Kibana 7.11.0?


Hey, @Manjula_Piyumal! Dashboard drilldowns are supported for TSVB but only for the timeseries charts so unfortunately, it won't work for the metric visualization.

Moreover, a dashboard drilldown won't appear on the three dots options. You will be able to select it when you do an action in your chart. So for example let's say that I have a Lens chart like that in my dashboard:

I create a dashboard drilldown for this panel and then I save my dashboard (dashboard should be in the view mode for the drilldown to work).

Now every time I click on my chart, or select a region by clicking and dragging the mouse on my chart I can see something like that:

The second option "Go to dashboard" will navigate us to the drilldown dashboard.

You can see more information about drilldowns and where they are supported here:

Hi @Stratoula_Kalafateli , thank you for your explanation.

Is there any other way that I can add a hyperlink for a label/value in the visualization?

My requirement is, show some status/metric value in the visualization and then let user to click on either on the visualized value or label to go for a detailed dashboard.

Thanks in advance!!

You could use TSVB markdown, for example here I have created a link on one value

or if you want a link on a static label you can use the markdown visualization, for example here:

Thanks @Stratoula_Kalafateli for your reply.

I was trying to show the last string field value using TSVB markdown. In my data I have a string filed called processed_status. I'm trying to show last string value in this processed_status filed and embed the link as well. When I try to show the value using below expression, it's showing as 0

{{ top_hit_of_processed_status_keyword.last.raw }}

Tried all suggested options in TSVB markdown panel, most of them are either showing 0 or nothing.


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