Drilldown on TSVB Gauges

Hi Team,
I am looking out for some support in context to Drilldown. client is using open-source ELK. For TSVB, we want to place a drilldown to the data associated as per below snapshot.
Is it possible to add a drilldown layer (to another dashboard or to a specific url anything is fine) on TSVB?


Hey! Unfortunately TSVB gauge is not supporting drilldowns. How exactly do you want your drilldown to work? It is not very clear how your gauge is configured here. Are you expecting to transfer some data from this visualization to the dashboard/link and if yes which of them?

Hi Stratoula,

Thanks for your reply. Actually i have used TSVB's Metric and Gauge visualizations. based upon certain threshold, text and background color changes (due to which we had to build TSVB visualizations). Now we are looking for Drilldown to dashboard or URL on these metrics and Gauge so that it can re-direct to another dashboard.

I hope you got the issue now.

I got that, so if I understand correctly you dont want any specific data information to be moved from this chart to the drilldown url. As I said you can't have drilldowns in TSVB metric or gauge but possible you can use the dshboard markdown feature to add this navigation. It wont be part of the gauge but it can be part of your dashboard.

Something like that

is there any scope of drilldown if we use aggregation based visualization (guage or metric)?

You can have it in Lens metric

or in agg based gauge

but you need to have set the split group setting.

Drilldowns in visualizations are enabled as soon as you can create a filter by clicking the visualization.

thanks stratoula for your response. let me try this

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