Troubleshooting Drill-Downs: Copying Kibana Dashboards Across Spaces in Elastic 8.13.3

Hello experts!

I hope you all are doing well.

I need some help with a drill-down issue in the Kibana system dashboard visualizations. I am currently using Elastic 8.13.3, and the data is being sourced through the Fleet agent in the Default space. I am encountering an issue with the "[Metrics System] Overview" dashboard. In this dashboard, there is a table visualization located in the top right corner, and within this table, there is a Host column whose value is displayed in blue and contains drilldowns. These drilldowns function perfectly fine within the Default space.

However, when I attempt to copy this dashboard to another space, the drilldowns no longer function. I am seeking assistance in understanding how these drilldowns work and how I can resolve this issue in the new space.

I have attempted various methods to resolve this issue, including cloning both the main "[Metrics System] Overview" dashboard and the destination dashboard. After cloning and renaming the destination dashboard, I updated the drill-down option in the main dashboard to reflect the new name. Unfortunately, this approach did not yield the desired results and instead resulted in an error stating that the dashboard could not be found or did not exist. To provide additional context, I have attached screenshots of the dashboard and visualizations.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance on resolving this drill-down issue.


It looks to me like these links aren't actual drilldowns. If they were, the linkage would be preserved when the Dashboard is copied between spaces.

I wonder, is there any chance this chart is a TSVB chart? If you clone the Dashboard, that should remove the managed tag and allow you to enter edit mode. If you then edit the table with the problem what does the editor look like?

If this is TSVB, you'll need to manually update the links unfortunately. If it's a Lens chart, this could be indicative of a bug.