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I have some metrics that show a number of events on my dasboard. I would like to be able to click on the metric and it open up a dashboard where it gives me more information about the data instead of just the number of events shown in the metric.

How can I achieve this?


Perhaps take a look at Drill downs here

@stephenb thanks, I did look at that one however it seems that only certain controls can use that feature! I am using a metric control I will post you a picture of what I mean, and it does not have the option to create a drill down so there must be some other way right? because it is important to transition from a count of events to the events themselves, of course it is possible to do this (would make Kibana practically useless if it didn't do it) so how is it done?

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 11.33.13 am

I want to click on the above and be taken to a dashboard that lists out each suspicious event.

What version are you on?

You can easily recreate that same visualization with Lens which supports drill downs.

I am on 7.14 so if I could do that, that would be great. Lens?

Great your in 7.14

Oh and @John_Doe4 welcome to the community

Lens, It's the new powerful visualization tool in Kibana

Thanks, ooooooh that, I think I tried that but it was like stripped down and less powerful than the metric component and so I wasn't able to select the stuff I needed to get the correct metric to show? I'll revisit it and have another crack at it, but the gist I got was that the lens thing was a simplification of the previous controls and not as flexible/powerful.

Can you show the configuration of the metric visualization?

If so we can probably help...

What stuff exactly could you not select?

Not sure I would characterize lens as stripped down or simplification It works a little bit different.... That's not to say that it has every feature

And if for some reason lens could not TSVB It's very powerful and has a metric as well.

so show us what you want to do and we'll see if we can help.

Hi, I apologise for the late reply, got thrown into a COVID lockdown here and it threw me a bit of a curve ball. I am however back and revisiting this project again.

I think I have managed to convert to lens metric, however some things I was using previously I can't seem to find! I can't find where I can make the numbers change from green to red like I was in the old metric control, and I can't find where I can set the size of the number (so I'm using size 45 on the old metric).

Is it possible to do these on the lens metric?

@stephenb Also, I can't see the option for it to have a drilldown? What am I doing wrong???? I've switched to TSVB Metric now and it is autosizing the number to size 45 and I can do the colors with it, but again there is no option for drilldown with it??? Are you sure it has drilldown from the metric in TSVB?

HI @John_Doe4

Welcome back.

Well it appears that you are not missing anything, currently you can not Create a drill down from a lens or TSVB metric. I've given this feedback to product management.

You can create a piece of hyperlink text right as a separate small visualization right above that metric if need be I can show you how to do that.

I also let them know that in lens we want the metric to be color-coded for values like TSVB

I've given this feedback to product management

Thanks, yea it baffles me that something like a metric cannot drill down. So in my case, I have a metric that shows me things like the number of Suricata alerts, and then when I click it, i would like to open up a dashboard that has a table view of all the suricata alerts in detail. I would think that is quite a common use case surely?

Thanks but I'm space poor on my dash, I don't think I could make the space for a dedicated label. I might just wait and hope that drill down can come to metric, I can manually switch dashboard for the interim, but it would be nice to click the metric and see the results that power it is all, quite perplexing that what I would imagine is an every day use case is totally absent.

It prompted a pretty extensive internal discussion just so you know.

Here is the issue I know it doesn't look like much but behind it there was a lot of discussion

So before all this we just used to create a little navigation bar at the top with a couple links built right in that could have filters and things like that as part of it.

I can show you example if you're interested but if you literally don't have 12 font size to add to a dashboard then it's not really a fit

Oh yes I could fit a nav bar at the top, i was more concerned with doing a label for each of my metrics because I have a lot of them I'd probably consume 1/5 of my dash with labels if i went that route but certainly a small navigation bar at the top could be something that would work for me as the next best thing from a drill down yea.

Ah yea nice, thanks for opening the bug on github.

Yes please, I tried googling it now but what I saw was for Kibana 4

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