URL drilldown for Count in a visualization

Hi all,

I'm trying to give count for a visualization .
I want to see which are those count of users.
Is there an option to give URl drilldown for count or is there any turnaround?
Count URL Issue
I already have an URL drilldown for my fields.

Hi @Sandeep_Raju,

  • How did you create the table?
  • What Kibana version are you using?

"Value click" trigger is not supported on metrics (like count), but since 7.12 tables created in lens have a "Table row click" trigger .

If you add such drilldowns, then a separate column with actions will appear:

Probably you can workaround with that

Thanks for the reply @dosant

I'm using Opendistro 7.10.2 version.

There is no option for value trigger.

As you said, i'll try version 7.12 and check out the feature.

Aa.. please note, that I meant dashboard drilldowns from official Elastic's Kibana

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