Kibana Dashboard Drilldown

Is it possible to create drilldowns on a Table visualization in Kibana version 7.11?
I want to create a drilldown on a table viz which redirects me to another table containing details in the same dashboard.

Yes, this is possible - check out Create custom dashboard actions | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic

Thanks Joe for your reply.
I had gone through this documentation and implemented the drilldown on Pie chart and that was successful. But I am not able to do the same on a Table viz. Can you plz help me with an example/snapshot?

WHich kind of table do you use? Visualize/Lens table, TSVB table or saved search?

Visualize table.

Have a table

Open config and click "Create drilldown"

Pick "Go to dashboard"

Pick target dashboard

Save dashboard

In view mode, use the filter buttons in the table cells - it will open a context menu with the drilldown

I was missing on the last step.
Thanks a lot Joe for helping me out. Great talking to you :slight_smile:

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