Drilldown like splunk in kibana

I am creating a visualization and i want to implement drilldown like splunk does. So when user clicks on particular item in visualization kibana opens a new search page with that criteria.

How can i achieve this?

Meet Dave

Add the visualization to a dashboard, clicking on an element will add the filter to the dashboard.

@meetdave2611997 For which type of visualization do you want to implement drilldown? For instance, for Data Tables and Saved Searches, drill down can be configured for a specific field by changing the Field Type to URL in Management -> Index Patterns and specifying the URL Template with the appropriate target URL.

@vinodr I want it to be applicable in all visualizations for example:- i have one single metric view which shows document count of txt files. now when i click on count a discover page opens with criteria file.type:txt so that it will show me all events that contains file.type:txt

@meetdave2611997 You may be able to use Visual Builder to achieve this (Here is the link to Demo app)

@meetdave2611997 Also, there is an open feature request: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/12560

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