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I know Splunk has the feature that by clicking on a part of a visualization you can "drill-down" or redirect to a different dashboard which can contain more detailed information about that specific part of the visualization. (For example if I have a total traffic by IP pie chart I can click on the portion corresponding to a certain IP address and be redirected to another dashboard containing other visualizations about that source IP) Does Kibana have this capability? Thx.

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Not directly, no. Since dashboards aren't automatically created, the best Kibana can do is apply a filter based on the thing you clicked on. You can pin that filter and load other dashboards with that filter applied, and you can link to other dashboards from the markdown widget, but nothing is automatic.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand what you are referring to (making a new dashboard and linking it with a markdown widget) but I think there is a problem with this method. In the example I referred to above (about the source IPs), suppose I am trying to visualize live data that I am receiving from a data engine. How do I create the filter for the dashboard if I do not know the source IPs in advance?


You can click on the IP in the visualization, and that will create the filter. If you want to use that filter and load other dashboards, you can pin the filter and then navigate to another dashboard. That "pinning" will persist the filter even as you load other dashboards.

It's a little extra work, but that should mostly give you the functionality you're looking for, if I understand correctly.

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