Dashboard Drilldowns do not work in Data Table (7.13.1)

At the help page here it says that Drilldowns are supported in data tables, and the option exists when editing a table panel from a dashboard.

However, it does not work. I have tried on our previous version of 7.12.1 and now on 7.13.1 and neither version present any drilldown options from either the contextual menus or from the data table itself.

Is this function expected to work?

Just to clarify, you said that you are seeing the option to add a drilldown to your table. Did you save your dashboard after adding the drilldown? After saving, did you click the + filter icon inside the table cell?

Hmm thanks no I did NOT click the + filter icon inside the cell. Now I see the drilldown option. Is that documented somewhere? It seems silly to put it there instead of making the field a link. I should also note that we were on a call with an Elastic consultant last week who didn't know about it either.

That is useful feedback and I've opened a few issues to improve the docs and consider making the cell contents clickable. But for now, just be aware that each panel type places the drilldown in the same place as the standard "filter" action. This means that the interaction is different for each panel type, so we are unlikely to document every different interaction- but this one could definitely be clarified.

Thanks for your help. I hope to see improvements in the future around this feature as it will be heavily used in our case.

@wylie I'd also add that there is zero indication that a drilldown exists in the table, so the user will have to already be aware or we'll have to add a markdown panel to explain it.

You could explain to the users that all dashboard panels can be filtered, which is the basis for drilldowns as well. I'm pretty sure this is why we don't have a special indicator for drilldowns.

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