Drill downs still do not work 3 years later

Continuing the discussion from Dashboard Drilldowns do not work in Data Table (7.13.1):

Hello, I wanted to point out that three years later drill downs still do not work on Data Tables.

I've tried clicking the plus button to filter on a specific row as suggested by Wylie, but this just filters the row by the given field (no surprise there). I've saved, switched to view mode, and tried clicking on the different rows all to no clear effect. I'm on version 8.13.4 and have selected a trigger of "Table row click" and entered a URL that should open in a new tab. No such tab is opened when I click on a table row. This is very irritating. Please advise.

Hi @hughes sorry to hear Drilldowns are not working for you. We understand there is room for improvement. I think it may be a problem with the format of your URL, when creating the drilldown you need to insert the whole URL like this "https://www.elastic.co/" if you just input "www.elastic.co/" it won't show in the dashboard. Please let us know if this solves the problem. Otherwise some screenshots on how you are building your Drilldowns will help.