Table Drilldown and the event.values array

Hi there!

Could someone please explain to me how to use the event.values array on a drilldown? for some reason I can't not get it to work. I'm trying to add a drilldown to a Table and I want pass to the drilldown the value of the first two cells on the row. I have tried using using the following syntaxes and had no luck.


The Kibana version I'm using is 7.11.1

Any help would be appreciated,



After some reading, it seems the issue is that event.values is only exposed when using a Table Row Click trigger. Unfortunately the Kibana version 7.11.1 I'm using in PROD does not have that option

Could someone please tell when was the "Table Row Click" trigger feature released? I have checked another DEV system with Kibana 7.16.3 and I don't see it there either ...



Are you sure you're using Lens table and not regular datatable?

Thanks @Marta_Bondyra that did the trick, though the problem that I have now is that the Lens table does not have the Advanced > JSON input :frowning:

I'm using the Advanced > JSON input to trim a bit the values on my table. Unfortunately a scripted field would not be an option for me.

Any workarounds?



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