Kibana Single Click Drilldown events.value Array Issue

Hi there!

I have an aggregation-based data table where I would like to use the drilldown capabilities. My table shows the following fields

Id, Description, Severity, Hostname, Count

My goal is to have a single click drilldown based on the Id value, no matter which (+) sign I click the drilldown should always use the value of the Id cell. When I use the “event.value” variable I can see my drilldown taking the value of the current cell I click, when use “event.values” which is supposed to return an array of all cell values for the row it does not work.



am I missing something here?



Hi @azulgrana,

you can do this with Lens table and Table row click trigger:

Thanks @dosant, I'll give that a try

I ended up using a search panel and a scripted URL field. Thanks for the help though

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