URL Drilldown - How to pass specific column value

Hi there,

I have a table with 3 fields. Id, IOC, Severity. And I have a set of drilldowns to perform an IOC search against virustotal, Whois and map the Id to an internal app. I'm using {{event.value}} across all the drilldowns and they all work Ok. The problem/challenge I have is that if the user selects the "search in virustotal" while clicking on the "id" field it won't produce any results as the search is targeted to work when selecting the IOC field. And same the other fields, the "search Id" will only produce results when selecting the Id. field. You get the idea right? So my questions... is there a parameter or way I can use to pass the value of an specific field to drilldown in order to prevent search error/no results? For example the url drilldown for the "search in virustotal" would be {{event."ioc".value}} while the urldrilldown for the "search Id." would be {{event."id".value}}.

TIA and looking forward to receiving some guidance on this!



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