Pass 2 values for Kibana drilldown

Hi all,

I'm having a dashboard where for Drilldown, i need to pass 2 field values i.e company id and computer id to drill down into computer of a particular company.

But Kibana drilldown only supports 1 value, I'm unable to pass both values in drilldown.
Any ideas or turnaround and alternate method to achieve this field drilldown?

Is Scripted field only way for this?

Are you drilling down to dashboard or url drilling down? If the first, are you using "Use filters and query from origin dashboard" or custom setting after?

Edit: nvm reread title which says URL drill down.

So basically, I have a dashboard with a company id filter. In that I'll be giving a link to a computer id field. So if i click that link, it should lead me to another dashboard with both company filter and company id filter.
I'm not sure whether this would be URL drilldown or dashboard drilldown.

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