How to pass multiple values from Data Table for next drilldown to filter data?

Hi Team,

I've built a Visualization as Data Table as Summary report in which I have multiple columns. When I click on any cell, it has to open the respective drilldown data where in which Column1 and Column2 have to be passed(to filter the respective data).

When I googled it, some body suggested that can't be done using URL parameter(only 1 value passing is possible with URL parameter) and need to use Scripted fields for this requirement.

But I'm unable to do it so. Could you please help me in this regard, please let me know if you need any further clarification. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @venkata.kodapaka, you are correct in that filtering on multiple columns is currently not possible in dashboards. Here is the github issue tracking this request:

Here's the docs on creating scripted fields:

Where are you getting stuck on scripted fields?

Hi @tims,

Thanks for the reply and confirmation.

I've checked that youtube tutorial(Creating Drilldowns in Kibana - YouTube) on how to Create drilldown and able to successfully pass 1 value and able to filter data.

But I need to pass 2 columns value from the Data table in my requirement.
I've checked the one of the discussion topic on the similar requirement but unable to configure in my case.

I'm unable to know exactly how to use scripted fields to pass the data table values.
Is it possible to pass 2 column values from Data Table upon clicking URL and filter data based on them in anyway(at least with scripted fields)?

Could you please help me on this as quickly as possible.

@venkata.kodapaka I think the idea would be that you use scripted fields to concatenate the 2 values together into a new field. Then you can filter on the new field by passing in 1 value with the 2 values concatenated together. It is admittedly a hacky solution at best.

Hi @tims,

Thanks a ton, I understand your idea and able to implement it.
I've implemented concatenation like Column1|Column2(joined with pipe(|) symbol in between)

One more thing I would like to know is, Is there any possibility to show different in Data Table(like Column1 only) but URL should contain Column1|Column2 to filter data as expected?

Thanks in advance.

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