How to pass multiple field values of a table to URL

(Kabali12345) #1

how to pass multiple field values of a table to URL
where i am able to pass a single field value{{rawValue}}/

but i want pass two field values to URL
is there any way for that to do.....?

(Brandon Kobel) #2

@kabali12345 Using the URL Field formatter to do so isn't possible; however, you should be able to do so using Scripted Fields

(Kabali12345) #3

Got it.
Thank you very much.

(sravya) #4


can you please share some more details to me

(Brandon Kobel) #5

@sravya the URL Field formatters work against a single Field in a document. However, you can use Scripted Fields to do more advanced logic, including string concatenation.

(softec17) #6

can you please elaborate and show me an example

(Brandon Kobel) #7

@softec17 @sravya to create a Scripted Field, you select Management -> Index Patterns

And then Scripted Fields -> Add Scripted Field

If you create a scripted field with a Type of "string", a Format of "url" and the Script of: '' + doc['geo.dest'].value + '/' + doc['geo.src'].value it'll create a URL using two fields from the document

(softec17) #8

i followed all the steps you suggested me but i am getting an error in discover field

(Brandon Kobel) #9

@softec17 that warning/error that you're seeing in Discover doesn't appear to be related to the Scripted Field, but because a shard failed when executing the query. If you remove the scripted field, do you still see the warning/error?

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