Kibana 4 URL template with multiple values



The Kibana 4 feature that allows to create URL based on fields in doc is great. But seems like it support using only one value at the moment.

Is there a way to use values from multiple fields in the document to build the URL ?

For e.g. something like this -{{value}}&region={{value2}}
so it has to read two values from the document?

Possible? If not, worth considering for future releases?


(Matt Bargar) #2

I'm not sure specifically what part of Kibana you're referring to. Discover, Visualize, Dashboard? Could you provide a screenshot to demonstrate what you mean maybe?


Well am referring to the "settings" section where a scripted field of type Url can be created using the Url Template -- so the problem is the Url template accepts value from only 1 field instead of multiple fields (which is what is needed for us).

Hope that helps identify the issue.

(Matt Bargar) #4

Ah gotcha, I thought you meant something totally different. What you're describing isn't possible at the moment, but there is a ticket for it on the Github repo:

The scripted field approach is more likely to be implemented than the field formatter approach, due to the issues Spencer brought up in that ticket.

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