Kibana 4 URL template with multiple values


The Kibana 4 feature that allows to create URL based on fields in doc is great. But seems like it support using only one value at the moment.

Is there a way to use values from multiple fields in the document to build the URL ?

For e.g. something like this -{{value}}&region={{value2}}
so it has to read two values from the document?

Possible? If not, worth considering for future releases?


I'm not sure specifically what part of Kibana you're referring to. Discover, Visualize, Dashboard? Could you provide a screenshot to demonstrate what you mean maybe?

Well am referring to the "settings" section where a scripted field of type Url can be created using the Url Template -- so the problem is the Url template accepts value from only 1 field instead of multiple fields (which is what is needed for us).

Hope that helps identify the issue.

Ah gotcha, I thought you meant something totally different. What you're describing isn't possible at the moment, but there is a ticket for it on the Github repo:

The scripted field approach is more likely to be implemented than the field formatter approach, due to the issues Spencer brought up in that ticket.