Multiple URL links in one field

Is there a way to create a field that has more than 1 link to another resource. Can I create (and format) a string that holds 2 urls. E.g. "Goto <this url> or <another url>"

<this url> can be selected to open the url.
<another url> can be selected to open another url.

At this moment I can only create a runtime script that will be URL formatted to link to 1 page.

@mattkime afaik we can't. Do you have any inputs?


I'd use the Url formatter to turn a value into a url - Manage data views | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

If you need to do that more than once, I'd use a field alias or runtime field to duplicate the value of a field. A field alias will be a bit more efficient.

Maybe it is important to mention that I would like to use that field in a table view. So there would be a column in the table that shows a string in which there are 2 words with hyperlinks to other pages.

I will try the enhanced table plugin.

The documentation mentions this feature:

  • Template can encode a value to render it as a URL parameter (ex: <a href="my-dashboard?param={{{encodeURIComponent value}}}">{{value}}</a>)

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