URL Handlebars referencing value from other column (drilldown workaround)


to get you in the context, my main goal was to find out if its possible to create dashboard drill down which would refer to different index with different name of columns but values would match e.g. index1 has column "city" and index2 has column "town" but both has values such as "New York". So whenever user filters city New York and goes to drilldown to the second dashboard, it would still showed him data for New York eventhough indexes are different and columns name as well.

I have saved discover search. In index patterns, I changed "city" column to URL type and inserted altered URL from second dashboard, so whenever user clicks on a name of the city in the table, it would showed him the other drilldowned dashboard where it would take values from index1 in column "town" instead of "city".


Now I successfully included in URL the variable {{value}} depending on which city user clicks in the saved search.
But I would like to filter out also particular connected values from other columns such as age or anything else and use it in URL reference. Something like {{age.value}}.


Is there any possibility to reference values from different columns in the saved search in URL?

If you have any idea for other workaround speak up. I cant use URL drilldown function however.
Thank you

Hi @Michael_Ubry,
When using URL field formatter you only have access to the value your are formatting. It is not aware of the context, so you won't be able to pull in age.value

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