Is there any way to add custome time picker as start date and end date on user's end,and Dashboard will update on the basis of that time range?

I am using Kibana 8.5.0 .
please suggest some solution.

Hey! I am so sorry but I dont get what you are trying to do. Can you be more specific? Thanx!

I want to give a customize date picker where user can:
1: Select a time range as per his requirement and the whole visualization available on Dashboard changed on the basis of selected time range only.
2. He can select any time range and data will filter on the basis on that. It will filter data globally on the whole Dashboard.
3. While embedding the dashboard on angular app, we want to add a calendar to select the custom date range, not as time slider.

Why don't use the build-in time picker that is available on the dashboard?

This is exactly what it does, it filters all panels based on the time selection.

Hi < Stratoula_Kalafateli>
Thanks for your reply immediately.

Just to reiterate my requirement, Kibana dashboard will be embedded in Angular application.

. My requirement is to create a custom time picker (not inbuilt time picker) or calendar using which user can check for below:

a. check data for current FY simply by clicking a button

b. Check data for a program from its inception (starting point) by clicking a button

c. Select any custom time range using a calendar view

I see, I am afraid that this is not possible atm or at least I can't think of anyway to accomplish it.

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