Custom datetime picker in Kibana dashboard

Hi ,
When in full screen mode , the date time picker is not visible .
Is there any way where I can enable or add custom data time picker in Kibana dashboard ?
I checked it is availabke for Kibana-Canvas feature however Kibana Canvas can't be imported in dashboard .


Yes its unfortunately not available right now. Canvas cannot be imported in dashboards but you can add all the visualizations elements into a canvas workpad which is essentially your dashboard. and you can also have the timepicker.

Does that help?


But canvas is more of non interactive dashboard . Am I right?

You can interact on Canvas by adding filters and changing timefilters.

But I did find out there is a solution in place for full screen in dashboard.
Starting 7.9 which is our next release - you count embedded mode as full screen - go to dashboard, hit share, choose iFrame, and makes sure to select the time picker in the list of UI elements to include.

If you open just the URL - you get the full screen mode with timepicker :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

That's great !!
Btw when is the 7.9 is going to release ?

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