Preset time ranges for dashboard or canvas


I've managed to create a very useful dashboard and canvas but I'm having problems with the time selection. I know the time selection in Kibana has a high degree of flexibility, but I'm creating a dashboard for users that just want to select a specific month (e.g. January), quarter (Q1-4) or year. Therefore, I would need to somehow create a more restricted time selection. Does Kibana or Canvas have the possibility to create this? Is it possible to interact with the dashboard / canvas in a way that would enable me to create these time selections on my own?

Thank you for your help.

You can edit time picker quick select ranges by setting timepicker:quickRanges advance setting

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Thank you for your response. I've taken a look at this setting and it did help me to some degree. Is this the only way to make a custom time selection?

You can always use the relative or absolute tabs to pick custom ranges. But yes, timepicker:quickRanges is the only way to define predefined ranges.

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