I would like to add new date range picker in kibana dashboard, my kibana setup is in developement mode in ubuntu 16.04

Anyone knows that can help me to add this.. Thanks in advanced

Do you mean you want to have two date range pickers? Unfortunately it's impossible but you can make the specific visualization have different range set up instead.

No, I want to edit existing date range picker -Click and drag on the time bar to select a time range ,Is this possible to edit existing date range picker?

That should work out of the box. What version are you using? What's the current behaviour?

I am using latest 8.1.0 version, current behaviour is we are selecting dates from normal click feature , I want to that in slider mode means we just need to drag the dates then data will be shown, Can you just tell me can we edit ui and functionality of existing date range picker of dashboard..

See above image I want to edit this date range time picker(UI and functionality)

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