Add a field as a "parent" parameter with add_field (for geo_point)


I have a problem with the geo_point type. I already applied a template on Elasticsearch to transform the data i get into a geo_point. This data is supposed to be the parameter location.
I don't receive it from the log, that's why i want to add a new field named location by using the add_field property.

I receive the logs in this format:
08-07-2016 14:10:22.039 country=Germany,lat=52,lon=12

Thus, i would like to construct a parameter Location, parent of lat and lon to match my template.

My filter in logstash for this line looks like this:

 filter { 
         ["message_loc", "%{LOG_DATE:log_date} %{GREEDYDATA:msg_location}"] 
 filter {
     kv {
         field_split => ","
         source => "msg_location"
 filter {
     mutate {
         convert => [ "lat", "float" ]
     mutate {
         convert => [ "lon", "float" ]
     mutate {
         add_field => {
             "[location][lat]" => "lat"
             "[location][lon]" => "lon" 

I tried some solutions that come from this post:

First of all, i don't know if changing the type of lat and lon before is the right way to do it or not.

Then, the second problem is that the add_field value seems to block the data. I'm also supposed to receive other logs through the same filter. However, no data are received in ES and Kibana at all.
I made a test by removing this field and it seemed to work. But i need this field :sweat_smile:
If you have some ideas.

If you need more informations don't hesitate.
Thank you for your attention.

Have you run this on the data and seen the output using stdout with rubydebug? I don't think it does what you think it does.

Hi, thank you for your answer.

I just used stdout, and i replaced message_loc by message.
Also, LOG_DATE is something i defined in my filter and i didn't mention in this topic.

After using the output stdout function i got these results:

            "message" => "13-07-2016 14:35:39.000 country=Germany,lat=52,lon=12",
           "@version" => "1",
         "@timestamp" => "2016-07-13T12:35:39.000Z",
         "input_type" => "log",
             "fields" => nil,
               "type" => "log",
              "count" => 1,
               "beat" => {
           "hostname" => "lls-geoloc-elk-gs-environment-compute-gsa-83ge8",
               "name" => "lls-geoloc-elk-gs-environment-compute-gsa-83ge8"
             "source" => "/tmp/geekshop.log",
             "offset" => 207856325,
               "host" => "louis-server-geoloc-elk-gs-environment-compute-gsa-83ge8",
               "tags" => [
            [0] "beats_input_codec_plain_applied"
           "log_date" => "13-07-2016 14:35:39.000",
            "country" => "Germany",
                "lat" => 52,
                "lon" => 12
           "location" => {
                "lat" => "lat",
                "lon" => "lon"


Actually, it's what i expected.
But i still don't get my and geolocation.lon parameter in Kibana

This is my template for ES:

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/_template/template1 -d '
     "template": "logstash-*", 
     "settings":  {
           "number_of_shards": 1 
     "mappings": { 
           "log": { 
                  "properties" : { 
                         "location": { 
                                "type": "geo_point"