Add a new field in all the existing documents in ES


I want to update existing documents by adding a new field, the value of which will be looked up from a csv file hosted on an external path (ftp, probably). I read about the translate filter that can be used to look up value of a field from csv file, but is there a way to update all the existing documents with that field?


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You will need to reindex given you are extracting this from an external source.

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Thanks a lot @warkolm :slight_smile:

Can you please explain it in a bit more detail? There is a huge number of documents in ES, so what would be the way to go about it. Also the translate filter will be used in Logstash, so does Logstash's filters get executed on indexing/reindexing a document?

My questions may be very basic, but I am new to Elastic Stack, so your help would be of immense value.

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