Add built-in normalizer to existing indices

Hi there,
I was going through the documentation where it says for some mapping parameters, we CAN update the existing index using PUT index/_mapping.
"normalizer" being one of those parameters - Update mapping API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.7] | Elastic

But it seems like we cannot even update the normalizer on an existing index using the putMapping API?

I am trying adding normalizer directly to a field, but Cannot update parameter [normalizer] from [null] to [lowercase]

Should I have to reindex the whole data even for adding normalizer to existing index mapping?

Appreciate an answer on this, thanks!

Hi @NishuGoel

I couldn't find the documentation to confirm my answer, but in these cases of editing existing fields, the correct option is to reindex the index until, if it is possible to change the existing field, you would have incorrect data already indexed.

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