Add custom field for action to teams webhook

im trying to add a custom field from the table of the event but it dosent pass the value into the teams webhook

Hi @fontexD
Which version of ES/Kibana are you using?

Before 8.8, action has in its context array of alerts. So, to get property from alert, you would need to do something like this:

  1. Get property from the first only alert


  1. Get all properties from array


Thanks, Vitalii

how would i get this one ? im using 8.8 :=)

i tried all of this

"alert_id": "{{}}",
"alert_action_group": "{{alert.actionGroup}}",
"alert_action_subgroup": "{{alert.actionSubgroup}}",
"alert_action_group_name": "{{alert.actionGroupName}}",
"kibana_base_url": "{{kibanaBaseUrl}}",
"rule_id": "{{}}",
"rule_name": "{{}}",
"rule_description": "{{rule.description}}",
"user": "{{}}",
"user": "{{winlog.event_data.TargetUserName}}"

IT WORKED! thank you!

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