Add dynamic date range in CSV post url

I am using ES 7.x and trying to add POST URL from CSV share feature into another system. Is there a way to add date range dynamically Link here because the url provided by UI has fixed date and we do not want to come to UI for link.

To clarify, i am trying to add date range after i copy it over and reuse the same url time and again using range rather than fixed date it was created from.

Checking if any one has any thoughts on this ?

I was able to do this using shell script and parse date using date command and formatting. The same is being sent as a variable in the API and works fine.
CYEAR=date -u -d "30 days ago" '+%Y' | xargs
PMONTH=date -u -d "30 days ago" '+%m' | xargs
PDAY=date -u -d "30 days ago" '+%d' | xargs
CMONTH=date '+%m' | xargs
CDAY=date '+%d' | xargs


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