Add integration for Gitlab monitoring

We have our own on-premise Gitlab server, which we want to monitor using Elastic Stack. We are currently using Fleet-managed Elastic Agent to ship data from our different systems.

As stated out above, we now want to ingest log/metric data from gitlab as well. Because Gitlab is a complex system (Logs:Log system | GitLab, Metrics: GitLab Prometheus metrics | GitLab) and it is used by many development teams/companies, there should be a pre-built integration for getting the monitoring data of Gitlab (as there is already for GitHub).

Please use this thread as a space for discussion.

Hi @Alphayeeeet,

It sounds like this is a feature request for a GitLab integration for the Elastic Agent. Have you raised an issue on the Integrations GitHub repo? That could be a good place to chat with contributors and Elastic engineers about the potential for this integration.

Hope that helps!

Yes it should be a feature request. I thought as it's necessary on many Elatic repos to post a discussion first, I will post a topic here. I will create a GitHub issue and link to this post.

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