Add java.util.logging to supported technologies list (documentation)


Since Release 0.5.0 of the Java ECS formatter enable_log_correlation is working with Java Util Logging as well, provided that SLF4J is on the classpath as a MDC supplier.

Maybe the documentation can be updated to reflect this. Something like this:

When enable_log_correlation is set to true , the agent will add a MDC entry for and . Provided that slf4j is on the classpath. See the enable_log_correlation configuration option for more details.

Thanks for the suggestion @NickWe .
I believe adding JUL to the supported technologies page would be only misleading instead of clarifying. JUL is not supported, so if you rely on the agent to instrument this framework you will be disappointed. The agent does instrument slf4j, which is a facade for the underlying logging framework, implying that it will work with anything that uses the slf4j MDC, even if it is a logging framework you wrote yourself.

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