APM correlate logs jboss 6.0.1

Ive got the apm server (version 7.5.1) working on jboss 6.0.1 (java 7) but I cant seem to get the correlate logs flag working - nothing is printed for %X. in another service I have (spring boot, logback) the correlate logs flag is working correctly. I dont think the version of jboss Im using is officially supported - is there anyway to confirm this is the problem or is there an apm log I can check/trace the population of the MDC?

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In general, unsupported versions are not expected to benefit from all (or any) of the agent capabilities. However, general things to look into if you want to investigate:
First- do you get any kind of traced data at all? If not, then there is nothing the agent can do in order to set trace data to the MDC.
Does the logging framework you use on this JBoss support MDC features? If you otherwise manually add MDC entries, are they written to the log?

Hi Eyal, thanks! Yes, APM trace data is being generated. Is there anything in the apm logs I can look for regarding writing to the MDC or is there documentation describing how the log correlation works? Im downloading the agent source code separately.

You would see a warning if the agent would fail locating the MDC APIs.
Try setting the log_level to DEBUG or TRACE and see if you get more insights.

Yes. See here.

Got it working by using the parameter name instead of just %X, so %X{trace.id}. This is with the jboss logmanager and logging domain.

<subsystem xmlns=""urn:jboss:domain:logging:1.1">
<periodic-rotating-file-handler name="FILE">

<pattern-formatter pattern="%d{HH:mm:ss,SSS} %-5p [%c] apmtrace [traceid %X{trace.id} transactionid %X{transaction.id}] (%t) %s%E%n"/>

<file relative-to="jboss.server.log.dir" path="server.log"/>
<suffix value=".yyyy-MM-dd"/>
<append value="true"/>

In terms of the docs I am curious about what happens behind the scenes (the mechanics of how the log correlation works)

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