Add_locale processor not refreshing timezone info

Recently added the add_locale processor to a Filebeat instance and its adding the current timezone offset to logs correctly. However, if I change the timezone without restarting Filebeat, the timezone offset reported is the old one. This appears to happen with Winlogbeat as well. For timezone changes to take effect in beats, does a beat need to be restarted or is something bugged in the way the timezone is determined?
I could see this being a problem with long running beats when a timezone change to standard time to daylight savings.

- add_locale: ~

Beat version: 6.3.1
Operating System: Win 10 x64

I believe it caches the timezone from when it was initialized so it would need to be restarted after a change. So perhaps it should refresh the timezone periodically. I wonder how often or what could be used to trigger the refresh.

Can you please open a new github issue for this?

Issue opened:

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