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Hi Team,

We are using ELK stack with platinum license . In our architecture we are using metricbeat for monitoring Oracle database . We are using metricbeat 7.17 version but in that only few metricsets are available

  1. tablespace
  2. performance

And if we upgrade to 8.x then it is providing tablespace,performace,sysmetric

Can we know how can we more KPIs/metricsets as these metricsets(which metricbeat is providing) is not enough to monitor the oracle database.

Hi @Aniket_Pant,

Are there particular metrics you're looking to capture that are missing? Which version of Oracle database are you trying to monitor?

Hi @carly.richmond ,

Current we are using 7.17 but if we upgrade to 8.x still we have 3 metricsets that i have mentioned earlier.

It would be good to understand your expectations on what is enough for monitoring your Oracle database. But you could have a look at the Elastic Agent Oracle Integration and see if the additional metrics it captures are what you're looking for, and if you are using a compatible version of Oracle Database.

Hi @carly.richmond ,

We will look and compare the metrics

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