Add multiple data values to Elasticsearch index using java REST API

Hi All,
I am using JAVA REST API to create index and add data to the index.
Below is the code I am using:

Map<String, Object> dataMap = new HashMap<String, Object>();
dataMap.put("appname",  app);
dataMap.put("version",  version);
IndexRequest indexRequest = new IndexRequest("appindex").source(dataMap);
IndexResponse indexResponse = client.index(indexRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

This piece of code works perfectly to create index and add the the dataMap to the index.

My requirement is that I need to iterate over a list of object and add datas to dataMap then add the dataMap to the index.
For instance -

Iterate over a object(){
dataMap.add("key", Value)
dataMap.add("Key", Value)
Add data to index
}  move to next iteration.

Is this kind of operation possible using JAVA REST API?

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