Add sources to Elasctic WorkPlace search

I am trying to add a google drive sources for indexing my documents in workplace search.
I want to use My Ip localhost, but I do not how to write it in the OATH credential because google does not allow me to do it.
It is asking me for a valid domain and I am a bit lost here.

I am using an Ubuntu 20.04.01 and the elastic version 7.9.2
Thank you very much.

Hi @JorgeL-TI! Thanks for trying out Workplace Search!

Are you following the instructions for creating an OAuth App for Google Drive here? Step 12 shows examples for configuring your OAuth app to hit a Workplace Search that is running on localhost, and we use this approach for our daily testing and development without issue. If you're following that step and still having an issue, can you share any more details about what page you're on in the Google Console, what the exact error message is, etc?

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Hello, thank you for your answer

The thing is that when you create a credential (I have to choose external because I am not an organization) I am having problems writing the IP direction and the domain.

I send you a screenshot of my screen:

Thank you very much

@JorgeL-TI, I don't think you need to fill out that section of the Consent Screen form. I'm able to just leave those blank and still connect just fine using localhost.