What the app domain in workplace search connection to google drive

Hi Elastic team

I'm tried to used trial Enterprise search select workplace search on cloud
I need to connect with my google drive.
I'm tried to configuration from document guide.
But the document with connection googledrive is not up to date.
Step to create Oauth consent screen. The field text header name App Domain.I don't know how to config that.

Hi Nitikarn,

It looks like this page has changed since the documentation was written. The information in the App Domain section will be used to help user's decide whether to grant OAuth access or not. You can use it to link to your Terms of Service etc. If you decide to link to one of these things (it is optional), then you must specify your registered domain in the list of authorized domains, to ensure Google can trust that you do indeed own the domain.

Note that if you are just in the phase of testing Workplace Search then all of this information should be optional.