To connect to a personalized content source, is the trial version available only via API?
should will have a graphical mode for connection like the other content sources. This is also true for adding users.
Thank you.

Hi Gustavo

I'm not quite sure what you're asking. You can indeed set up personalized content sources via the UI. Here is a doc link that might make it more clear.

Adding users in the Standard auth mode requires a mail server configured. There is more information here.

Thank you Mads;

I created a source called jurisprudence in the workplace and added an outline as below.
POST /jurisprudencia/5ececfbfe959d2fcc7bf70b6/bulk_create
"tipo": "Jurisprudência",
"produto": "Corporativo",
"area": "Civil",
"tribunal": "TRF5",
"ano": "2014",
"data": "13.02.2014",
"titulo": "AGTR",
"acordao": "Com Acordão",
"ementa": " texto texto texto"

my result;

"_index" : "jurisprudencia",
"_type" : "5ececfbfe959d2fcc7bf70b6",
"_id" : "bulk_create",
"_version" : 1,
"result" : "created",
"_shards" : {
"total" : 2,
"successful" : 1,
"failed" : 0
"_seq_no" : 1,
"_primary_term" : 1

But this document does not appear in the workplace;

Thank you for your help

It sounds like you've created a custom source within Workplace Search, however, it also sounds like you're trying to index documents directly into the Elasticsearch instance. Is that correct?

You should instead use the endpoints provided by Workplace Search for the custom source. This is all documented here.

thanks for the help, but we will adopt microsoft sharepoint. Our files are on a local server.

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