Add tags in filebeat modules

Hi all,

I have beats installed on my logstash instance. My idea is to collect multiple logs using filebeat modules -> send it to logstash on port 5044 -> send it to elasticsearch.

Can I add tags in each of the filebeat module yml files?
For eg, Juniper module with "juniper" tag, sophos module with "sophos" tag

This was I can use the tags to send the logs to different indexes

Hi @geetika_gopi

If you use a filebeat module there is already a field that defines which module / dataset it is which can be used for sorting / conditionals in Logstash.


Also in a module you should be able to add tags as an input configuration.

- module: sophos
    enabled: true
    input.tags: ["sophos"]
    var.input: udp

Hi @stephenb

Thank you for your reply. Pardon me, I am new to the ELK stack. Could you give an example of how we could use the event.dataset field in logstash?

Ideally I would want to use the event.dataset field to send logs to different indexes for different filebeat modules.

I suggest you do a little reading about Logstash configurations then open specific questions.

if [event][dataset]

Hi @stephenb ,

It is perfectly clear now! Thank you very much for pointing out event.dataset. Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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