Can I use beat input in filebeat.yml and modules with different tag?

Hi, I am using filebeat. i use apache module to collect log from apache. but want to collect the log from tomcat and index it in another index.

can i use filebeat input in filebeat.yml and module in same time?

but i want to give separate tag for filebeat input as well as tag in general setting. is this possible ?

i want to use filebeat input and module with different tags in same that using logstash i can index it separately with tags.

or is there any possible to tag each module.

Yes, some modules you can set var.tags to set the tags you want. in this case you will override the default tags. For the regular input, you should be able to just add a tags: field, Log input | Filebeat Reference [7.13] | Elastic.


thanks i will try

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