Add term filter query


I am using this query to fetch elastic data through python connector:

                   {"range": {"nuanceTimestamp": {"gte": f"{date1}T{str(hour_in).zfill(2)}:00:00Z",
                                                "lte": f"{date1}T{str(hour_in + 2).zfill(2)}:00:00Z"}}},
                    "_source": {
                                "includes": ['nuanceTimestamp', 'EVNT', 'CHAN', 'UCID', 'CALLID', 'sourceNuance', 
                                     'WVNMurl', 'ANI', 'SPOK', 'RSLT', 'CONF', 'SWIrcst.GRNM'],
                                 "excludes": []

I want to add one more filter to the query so that it only brings me those data that have the SWIrcnd value in the EVNT field.

How could I add this new filter to the previous query?

I've been trying for a while and I can't.

Thanks and regards

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