Add time range filter in this prometheus.yml of metricbeat to get output for a particular time interval

Hello Team,
For metricbeat prometheus module we need output for a particular time interval.. How can we add the filter in at modules.d/prometheus.yml to get the output for a particular time interval.. Request for your help..
Current prometheus.yml file is as follows.. How we can add time range in this prometheus.yml of metricbeat?

$ cat modules.d/prometheus.yml
- module: prometheus
  hosts: ["http://localhost:9090"]
  metrics_path: '/federate'
  ssl.verification_mode: none
  period: 20m
       - '{__name__=~"container_cpu.*|container_memory.*|container_network.*|alertmanager_alerts.*|kube_node_info.*"}'
     include: []
     exclude: []

  # Use Elasticsearch histogram type to store histograms (beta, default: false)
  # This will change the default layout and put metric type in the field name
  use_types: true

Hello! I don't think we support only collecting metrics from a set time frame in Metricbeat. But you can definitely do the filtering in Kibana after all the metrics are collected based on the timestamp field.

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Thanks @Kaiyan_Sheng for your help. Looking forward for your subject matter expertise for many further queries in future.

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