Add Translation to dashboard visualization

Hi guys im new to kibana and i want to know can i add translation to visualization custom label in en.json

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Just to clarify, you have a custom label on a visualization, but you want that label to translate into another language, did I understand correctly?

Thanks for responding .Yes that's my question

No, that's not possible at the moment.
Translation would work for default labels, but not for custom ones: would that work if you write a custom label in two languages with a separator (perhaps a short label may work best)?

Something like: Average of bytes ( it: Media di bytes )

can i translate panel and others in two languages fr and en ?

It looks an older version of Kibana there, which version is it?

BTW I've just tested it and I found that Count of records would not be updated, unless the user "manually" refreshes the metric dimension, but timestamp per 3 hours would be translated.

I've opened an issue about that: [Lens] Dimension labels are partially translated on language change · Issue #147107 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

i take that visualization just for example . Im using v7.17.6

@Marco_Liberati Can I translate the title of the panel into 2 languages ​​(en - fr) according to the local language of the user


the title is something completely custom, so it won't be translated automatically.
You could write down a title in 2 language yourself, something like [en] Chart title - [it] Titolo grafico

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