Add Xpack endpoint options in Console

Currently there is no end-point added for XPack when using suggestions to view the endpoints in Console.

X-Pack is a logical collection of features, not an API endpoint.

What i meant is by having X-Pack, we can use X-Pack API's to perform various operations.
For example few of them are listed below:-
GET _xpack/security/user
GET _xpack/security/role
GET _xpack/
GET _xpack/watcher/stats
DELETE /_xpack/security/user/test
DELETE /_xpack/security/role/test

For _xpack endpoints, there are no suggestions available within the Console.

Oh, ok, that makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks Yuvraj. This is definitely helpful for users. I created the enhancement request.


Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Can you please send me the enhancement request as it will help me to track it.